The Scenario of Female Literacy & Sex Ratio in Haryana

Kuldeep Hooda


The fact is that education is the most crucial factor regarding the human development and to explore human abilities, which contribute in the process of economic development of a region. Actually, education makes a person civilized and well-cultured. That is why; most of the developed countries have always given due importance to education to solve the various problems of the country. However, literacy is the basic indicator the level of the development achieved by a human society.  It is generally associated with the process of modernization, industrialization and urbanization. The highest level of literacy rate indicates the level of awareness among the various segments of the society and it also performs as a social up liftment to enhance the human development efforts such as: health, hygiene and population control including the sex ratio. Keeping the fact in view the researcher has highlighted an analytical review of the female literacy rate in Haryana. 

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