Datalogger System

Mr Akshay, Ramesh Dumala


A “data logger” is a device which takes the readings of specified parameters and when connected to an external display, shows the log of the data whenever required. This project is about a data logger which measures three physical quantities namely “Temperature, Humidity and Pressure”. In general, data loggers are used at weather forecasting stations, pharmaceutical industries etc. A data logger reduces the human efforts and saves time as well because it is more or less a difficulty for a man to take readings at specific intervals of time.

In this project, an LCD is provided as an in built feature which enables the user to easily get the details of the recorded data at the current time, whereas in general data loggers the required data is recorded in a memory and connected to a display to visualize the log of the recorded readings and has no screen to display the readings at an instant of time. In this project, a windows application is designed which enables the user to get the log of data whenever required. This application is user friendly, provided with the features like selecting a particular physical measurement from the provided options in order to get the log of that specific measurement readings. These features of the data logger are helpful where the readings of the provided three physical measurements are required.

Therefore, this data logger 

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