Density Based Traffic Control System Using Image Processing and Embedded System

Vikram Deshmukh, Bhagyashri A. Modak, Ankita D. Masarkar, Pallavi B. Shende, Rutuja W. Dafare, Sonali A. Hajare, Anushree P. Kale, Shruti Pantawane


The project is designed to create a density based control signal system. The signal timing is programmed to change depending on the density of the traffic density at the junction because traffic issues are increasing in the cities at major junctions; it has become the nightmare for the commuters. Conventional traffic light system has a fixed time pattern which doesn’t vary as per the current traffic situation at the junction. This project will help sort the problem by capturing and converting the image into gray scale of each lane .threshold value will be calculated which will indicate the number of vehicles present at the particular lane. Denser lane will be given priority and the signal will remain green for longer duration as compared to other lane. This project is based on image processing using MATLAB software & microcontroller AT89S52.

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