Utility Current Compensation Of Nonlinear Load By Pv-Active Power Filter Combination Using Fuzzy



In this paper, a three-phase three-wire system, as well as a detailed PV generator, dc/dc boost convertor to extract maximum radiation power using maximum power point tracking, associate degreed dc/ac voltage source convertor to act as an APF, is presented.  A source is said to be renewable if there's no obvious limit on its availability. It may be used over and over again because it continues to replace itself. Sunshine, wind and water from rain are so renewable. sustainable resource use  is that meets our present needs without compromising the power of future generations to satisfy their needs. The photovoltaic (PV) generation is more and more popular these days, while typical loads need additional high-power quality. Basically, one PV generator supply to nonlinear loads is desired to be integrated with a function as an active power filter (APF). The instantaneous power theory is applied to design the PV-APF controller, that shows reliable performances. Here fuzzy logic is used for controlling compared to other controllers The MATLAB/SimpowerSystems tool has proved that the combined system will at the same time inject maximum power from a PV unit and compensate the harmonic current drawn by nonlinear loads.

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