Design and Implementation of Smart Traffic Controlling and Vehicle Tracking for Ambulances

G Lakshmi Lavanya, Ch Srinivasa Kumar


In this quick era, the human has no time for anything. He is totally occupied with his own work and completely committed himself to the purported PCs or portable PCs. A typical man more often than not inclines toward his own vehicle to go to office or work. On the streets, they once in a while conflict with the movement rules, bounce the activity signals and so on. He mostly does this sort of odd exercises to achieve the office on time. In this manner, it sets aside a decent measure of time for us to understand that we have to help other people principally the patients in the rescue vehicle. We simply fret over them and don't offer space to the ambulances with the goal that they achieve the clinics soon and will be spared out of peril. Along these lines, this project is intended to clear the activity and give a route to the emergency vehicle so that the patient can be set aside to the greatest degree. The project utilizes RF innovation to actualize this application.

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