Cyber Security and Digital Privacy: An Imperative for Information and Communication Technology and Sustainable Development in Nigeria

F.O. Okorodudu, P. O. Okorodudu


In recent times, cyber-attack and digital privacy invasion on Internet commerce, vital business sectors and government agencies have grown exponentially with the number of internet users growing roughly from an estimated 360 million in 2000 to nearly two billion at the end of 2010 and over 3.4 billion as of August, 2016. Increased internet penetration has brought with it challenges such as cyber security and digital privacy issues.  Addressing these issues in a way that protects the tremendous economic and social values that information technology presents, without stifling innovation, requires a fresh look at the enhanced sustainable development goals of the United Nations. The trust of this paper, therefore, is to analyze the concept of cyber security and digital privacy in relation to the sustainable development of information and communication technology in Nigeria. The paper concludes with a way forward towards meeting the 2030 target of the sustainable development goals as it relates to information and communication in Nigeria.

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