Performance of Bituminous Mixed With Modified Binders



Generally a bituminous mixture is a mixture of coarse aggregate, fine aggregate, filler and binder. A Hot Mix Asphalt is a bituminous mixture where all constituents are mixed, placed and compacted at high temperature. HMA can be Dense Graded mixes (DGM) known as Bituminous Concrete (BC) or gap graded known as Stone Matrix Asphalt (SMA). SMA requires stabilizing additives composed of cellulose fibbers, mineral fibers or polymers to prevent drain down of the mix.

In the present study, an attempt has been made to study the effects of use of a naturally and locally available fiber called SISAL fibre is used as stabilizer in SMA and as an additive in BC. For preparation of the mixes aggregate gradation has been taken as per MORTH specification, binder content has been varied regularly from 4% to 7% and fibre content varied from 0% to maximum 0.5% of total mix. As a part of preliminary study, fly ash has been found to result satisfactory Marshall Properties and hence has been used for mixes in subsequent works. Using Marshall Procedure Optimum Fiber Content (OFC) for both BC and SMA mixes was found to be 0.3%. Similarly Optimum Binder Content (OBC) for BC and SMA were found to be 5% and 5.2% respectively. Then the BC and SMA mixes prepared at OBC and OFC are subjected to different performance tests like Drain down test, Static Indirect Tensile Strength Test and Static Creep Test to evaluate the effects of fiber addition on mix performance. It is concluded that addition of sisal fibre improve the mix properties like Marshall Stability, Drain down characteristics and indirect tensile strength in case of both BC and SMA mixes. It is observed that SMA is better than BC in respect of indirect tensile strength and creep characteristics.

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