Bio Metric Based Verification System for Canteen Food Distribution



The main aim of the project is to distribute the canteen food in proper way. To distribute the food according to the need of the students. Some students wants non-veg food and some students wants veg food so according to the need of the students food will distribute properly. But some students don’t pay bill for non-veg but they will come to the canteen and eat non veg food this can be avoided by using “BIO Metric Based Verification System for Canteen Food Distribution”.

In this process we have use two verifications .In the first verification, whether the student belongs to this canteen or not. In the second verification whether the student belongs to veg or non veg category. This verification is done through two thumb modules put at the two gates of the canteen. When the student put their thumb on the thumb module it recognizes and displays the name of the student on the LCD display and also announces their name through speech module (APR9600).After completion of all the students verification,the information of students will go as a message to a manager using gsm.information such as  no of students are vegitarion ,non vegitarion and also no of absents. 

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