PV Cell fed Step-up Resonant Converter for Induction Motor Drive Application



In the hybrid micro grid,    processes of multiple dc-ac dc or ac-dc-ac conversions are reduced in an individual ac or dc grid.  The hybrid grid consists of both ac and dc networks connected together by multi directional converters. In this micro grid network, it is especially difficult to support the critical load without incessant power supply.  The generated power can be extracted under varying wind speed, solar irradiation level and can be stored in batteries at low power demands. In  this  paper,  a  hybrid  AC-DC  micro  grid  with  solar energy,  energy  storage,  and  a  pulse load  is  proposed.  This micro  grid  can  be  viewed  as  a  PEV  parking  garage  power system  or  a  ship's  power system  that  utilizes  sustainable energy  and  is  influenced  by  a  pulse  load.  The  battery  banks inject  or  absorb energy  on  the  DC bus  to  regulate  the  DC  side voltage.  The  frequency  and  voltage  of  the  AC  side  are regulated  by  a  bidirectional  AC-DC  inverter.  The power flow control of these devices serves to increase the system's stability and robustness. The system is simulated in Matlab/Simulink.

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