Evaluation of Oxygen Molecule in Ficus religiosa by Spectrophotometer

Rushikesh Ravindra Tahakik, Shweta Hemant Awachar


Ficus religiosa  is common tree found in all over Indian subcontinent belongs to family Moraceae It is used as traditional medicine for about 15 disease including Asthma , Diarrhea and  sexual diseases. Ficus leaves extract decreases stress hormone level (cortisol).ficus plant show  positive result in pollution control.Research work focus on rapid sensitive method to determine amount of oxygen molecule in natural leaf extract of fresh leaves of ficus plant although no scientific publication yet publish to determine oxygen molecule in leaf sample of ficus plant by using mentioned method in paper and method publish until do not approach in sensitivity .In this study spectrophotometric principle used for determining oxygen molecule in leaf sample. The result showed  that oxygen amount in leaf extract was  found about  0.023 gram/lit and 0.0351023 molecule in 5 ml of leaf sample .This paper suggest that oxygen in leaf sample is catalyst for all functioning cell and do work well when sufficient amount of oxygen and nutrient available. Cell sustain basic level to hyper oxygenated cell , it stimulate immune response ,cell division hence this study beneficial in areas of plant physiology, environmental biology and medicinal pharmacology.

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