Data Sharing in Group with Secure Key Distribution using Cloud

TNRSS Monica, M. Prasanthi


Sharing group resource number of cloud users is a major problem so cloud computing provides low cost and efficient solution. Due to frequent change of membership sharing data in a multi-owner manner to an untrusted cloud is still a challenging models. The sharing of data in group members to split data and also provides security from untrusted users by providing security from entrusted users. It will also grants take data from the cloud to group members. In this proposition a protected multi- proprietor data sharing plan for element bunch in the cloud by giving AES encryption while procedure the data any cloud client can safely impart data to others. In the interim the capacity overhead and encryption calculation expense of the plan are free with the quantity dictions clients. We propose a secure data sharing method for dynamic membersto provide secure key distribution without any secure communication approach and the users securely obtain their security keys from group manager. It provides a multiple levels of security to share data number of multi-owner manner. First the user selects the text based password is known as OTP is generated automatically and sent to corresponding user e-mail account. After completion of authentication and key generation process it will encrypt the shared data by using security algorithm is implementing same concepts we can provide scalability and also provide more flexibility of shared data in cloud.

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