Joint Relay and Jammer Selection for Secure on Relay Networks

V. Swathi Mounika, G. Bala Raju


To address the problem of jamming under an internal threat model is consider a sophisticated adversary. Jamming attacks is very most urgent threats harming the dependability of wireless communication. Jamming attacks may be used as a certain case of Denial of service (DoS) attacks. Typically jamming has actually been addressed under an external threat model.We state selective jamming attacks are performing real time packet classification in physical layer.The packet loss is identified by Homomorphism Linear Authenticator (HLA) based public auditing method. This setup is implemented in AODV routing protocol with RREQ. This algorithm improves the result of entire Wireless Network by detecting the malicious node and to avoid them and provides reliable transmission in Wireless packet delivery. The jamming attack by JADE Method is used to security our data by using Multi Key Generation algorithm. Jamming Attack Detection is Estimation (JADE) scheme and establishes the hacker Multi Key Generation techniques isproposed in the journalism and it will be explained using through the encryption and decryption multiple key pairs.

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