Design a Hybrid approach to reduce PAPR in OFDM

Jaskiran Kaur, Gurbahar Singh


A communication system is said to be efficient system if it transmits the huge data within the defined frequency range. To encode the digital data on multiple carrier frequency OFDM is used. OFDM is most preferable technique for signal encoding as compare to other techniques. The advantage of OFDM over other techniques is that it makes effective use of frequency spectrum. OFDM is a robust technique. It is much efficient against multipath fading channels. OFDM consist of guard bands and sub carriers which lead to the less effect of noise and ISI. The disadvantage of OFDM is that it affects the power efficiency due to the occurrence of PAPR. In this paper a survey of various PAPR reduction techniques is done. Various techniques used for reducing the PAPR are discussed to find an efficient technique.

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