A New Single Stage Multi-Input DC–DC/AC Boost Converter

Baikani Prashanth, K. Aruna, K.Sai Shiva, B. Venkateshwarlu, Shanker Babu


Multi input DC-DC or DC-AC boost converter is presented in this paper. A new extendable single stage technology is used here. Several unidirectional boost converters are used to get power from different input sources. Output load is interfaced on the central part of the proposed structure. Two sets of boost converters are connected in parallel in the proposed topology. Independent output voltage control is implemented in both side. The converter has two modes of operations dc – ac mode and dc – dc mode. By providing pure dc reference in both side of the converter we can obtain dc – dc mode and by providing dc biased sinusoidal reference we can obtain dc – ac mode. The number of power switches used to obtain high level voltage from low level voltages are minimum. Another advantage of  the proposed topology is that we can add any number of low level dc power sources as the converter inputs. For obtaining desired output voltage two voltage control loops are included in the converter control system which automatically regulates the output voltage. Simulation and experimental results are used to verify the performance and effectiveness of the proposed converter.

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