B. Vijitha, A. Yagnika, B. Meena, N. Srija


The project which we are doing is about “COLLEGE PHONEBOOK”. It is about storing the information or details of each individual student studying in their respective departments, which display the name of the student, phone number(s) of the each individual student. This will be a very useful concept as it will give the college management or the department head to know the complete information of the student studying in that department and the management of the college can even update parents of the student by reaching them through the phone or by sending them the message. By this they can have the interaction with the parents directly. The management of the college can notify the students and parents by sending the attendance percentage, marks in the internals, greetings during festivals, etc. This helps the parents to know about their child. This project is based on the database in which we can store and retrieve all the information regarding students and what all we require.

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