Instability of Solute Particles

Vivek Parkash


The thermosolutal  stability is investigated by taking the fluid to be viscous, electrically conducting and heterogeneous ,confined between two free boundaries under the action of vertical magnetic field. The study of thermosolutal convection in porous medium in a heterogeneous fluid is of great importance. It finds many applications in biomechanics . It is found that in this case principle of exchange of stabilities is valid and thus the marginal state is a stationary state. Both the suspended particles and the permeability of the medium have destabilizing character. It is found that in this case the marginal state is oscillatory in character and the stable solute gradient has stabilizing effect. The effect of suspended particles and thermal Rayleigh number greater than or equal to solute Rayleigh number is also studied. Further, the effect of suspended particles is to destabilize the layer.  

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