The Concept of American Dream in Arthur Miller's, Death of a Salesman and All My Sons

Ismael Muosa Mohammed Al-Moussawi


Arthur Miller was an American author and writer. He was a noticeable figure in American theater. His style had a strong influence on 20th century .His plays regularly delineate how families are devastated by false values. He was an American dramatist who firs rose to unmistakable quality in the years taking after world war II. The writing style of Arthur Miller can be described as full of suspense, symbolism, realism and array of hundred of linguistic.  

This study deals with the concept of American dream in Arthur Miller's Death of a salesman and All MY SONS. The study reviews American dream, biography of Arthur Miller, writing skills, play selected for the study, Arthur Miller and American theatre and literary works and plays of Arthur Miller. It discuss about Death of a salesman, the plot of Death of salesman, and illusion of the American dream in Death of salesman.  To study ALL MY SONS, Miller's dream in ALL MY SONS, father-son conflict as useful dramatic method, the plot and summary of ALL MY SONS, and illusion of the American dream in ALL MY SONS.   The study reviews a critical estimate of Arthur Miller's literary works.

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