Software defined VANET and Information propagation System

Manyam Sukesh, Challa Lokanatha Reddy, Arvind Kumar Sharma


Modern vehicles are furnished with a wide variety of sensors, onboard computers and different devices supportive navigation andcommunication.In this paper, we exhibit howSoftware-Defined Networking (SDN), an emerging networkparadigm, can be used to offer the flexibility andprogrammability to networks and introduces new services andfunctions to today’s VANETs. We take the idea of SDN, whichhas specifically been designed for wired infrastructures, mainly inthe facts middle space, and propose SDN-based VANETarchitecture and its operational mode to evolve SDN to VANETenvironments. We also speak advantages of a Software-DefinedVANET and the offerings that can be furnished. We demonstratein simulation the feasibility of a Software-Defined VANET viaevaluating SDN-based routing with conventional MANET/VANETrouting protocols.

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