Literacy Variation among SC, St and Non SC/St in India

Subash kumar


Although British conquest in India ruined Indian economy but it has some positive contribution for national building in India. The process of modernization and industrialization in India started by Britishers in the form of railway construction, modern education, science and technology, modern industry confronted Indian society of altogether new situation and thus need was felt to advance modern education among Indians. Such an education provided scheduled caste and scheduled tribes in India an opportunity to for significant social advance. The ideology of liberalism helped them to join the process of transition from oppression and caste ridden society to a more egalitarian society based on the concept of equality, justice and freedom. It also helped them to join modern occupation helping imperialist to survive. The government  started  the  policy  of  reservation  although  politically  motivated  in  favor  of scheduled caste and scheduled tribes. Great social reformer and champion of the liberties of the Scheduled caste-BR Ambedkar has stressed on education of these classes. 

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