A Journey of Indo-US Security Relations: An Overview

Maher Singh


The relations between India and US have witnessed many highs and lows. America was a prominent supporter of Pakistan since the late fifties and during the Indo-Pak war. This made India distant itself from U.S. because of the differences on the military front. However, post cold war the dissolution of U.S.S.R. opened many new possibilities. Furthermore, globalisation pushed the ties of the two countries together. The visit of President Clinton in March 2000 marked a new beginning of the Indo-US relations. This further paved way for co-operation of in the field of security, counter terrorism, joint military exercises etc. The US-Pak relations are what deteriorated India in making US a full time partner. Moreover, India and Russia are all weather friends. Due to this reason, US distanced itself at first from India. However, the US saw China as a rising power from the subcontinent and in order to tackle this, it strengthened its ties with India .The stronger Indo-US ties have weakened the US-Pak ties and are beneficial for India. Therefore, the possibilities of international relations keep changing in the subcontinent. 

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