Study of 4G Mobile Communication System

Sumit Kumar Gupta, Vivek Kumar Dattatrey, Anita Yadav, Harish Jangam


The development of broadband wireless access technologies in recent years was the result of growing demand for mobile Internet and wireless multimedia applications. Mobile communication plays a most important role in telecommunications industry. Through a common wide-area radio-access technology and flexible network architecture WiMAX and LTE has enabled convergence of mobile and fixed broadband networks. Since January 2007, the IEEE 802.16 Working Group has been developing a new amendment of the IEEE802.16 standard (i.e., IEEE 802.16m) as an advanced air interface to meet the requirements of ITU-R/IMT-advanced for 4G systems as well as for the next-generation mobile network operators. Next fourth generation (4G) mobile technology, promises the full mobility with high speed data rates and high-capacity IP-based services and applications while maintaining full backward compatibility. This paper explores 4G wireless system, its features and technologies to fulfill its requirement. 

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