Impacts of Climate Change on India: An Analysis

Rakesh Gahlawat


The well-known fact is that climate change puts forward a great challenge to sustainable development. Developed Nations need to look beyond their narrow self-interests and work jointly to combat all the enemies of sustainable development. There can be many factors responsible for this climate change and there can be many impacts of this climate change. Today we need to analyze the changes that climate is going through and we need to immediately take some steps to tackle the problem. We need to put the concept of Sustainable development into practice as it is only through sustainable development that we can utilize the resources wisely such that those resources will be available to the future generations also. Most of the Indian scholars assume the fact that the process of climate change has laid down many effects on the ecosystem of India in the form of environmental degradation and global warming. Therefore, there is an urgent need to look into the matter and take the necessary steps in this direction.

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