Influence of Brands on the Buying Behavior of Young Girls towards Apparel

Puja Gupta, Samita Gupta


To find out the influence of brands on the buying behaviour of young girls towards selection of clothing, 150 girls in the age group 13-15 years, 16-18 years, 19-21 years the city of Kolkata were interviewed by the questionnaire method. The study covered the influence of parents and peers on young girls, their buying behaviour and the level of brand awareness, consciousness and loyalty girls have. The results showed that the parents have higher influence on the girls when they are younger but as they grow older peers influence becomes stronger and parents influence tends to decline. Girls preferred buying clothing items once in a month and their major concern was to look good as well as being practical. Shopping for younger girls was more impulsive but as they matured, it became planned rather than being impulsive. While purchasing garments, fit and comfort were more important to girls rather than fashion. They were highly influenced by brands and possessed more of foreign brands than Indian brands. Brand consciousness and awareness was higher but they were not loyal to their brands and kept switching brands. In the study, it was proven with the help of statistical analysis that brand played an important role in life of all the girls irrespective of their age and family income.

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