An Observational Study to Analyze the Pattern of Mucocutaneous Manifestations in Diabetic Patients.

Dr. Lakshmi Narayan Garg, Dr. Aneet Mahendra, Dr Nidhi Mittal, Dr Sunita Gupta, Dr. Sanjeev Gupta


Diabetes mellitus is a chronic multisystem disorder. According to World Health Organisation (WHO), the term diabetes mellitus describes a metabolic disorder of multiple aetiology characterized by chronic hyperglycemia with disturbances of carbohydrates, fat and protein metabolism resulting from defects in insulin secretion, insulin action, or both. The clinical symptoms of DM include thirst, polyuria, blurring of vision, and weight loss. In severe form, a non-ketotic hyperosmolar state may develop and lead to stupor, coma and death in absence of effective treatment.1

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