Investigating the Elements of Black Comedy in the Novel "The Crow Eaters" by Bapsi Sidhwa

Muhammad Yasir Khan, Mohsin Latif, Rehan Khalid


When we enlist all the post-colonial writers of the subcontinent, then it comes to us that Bapsi Sidhwa is the best Pakistani female novelist. She belongs to Parsi family and has presented the Parsi culture in her novel The Crow Eaters. The current research is to analyze the novel as a black comedy. Black comedy is also known as dark comedy. There are dozens of events that clearly show that the novel is a black comedy. Comedy deals with comic events, but when the dark aspects of life or dark side of life are shown in a comic way, then it is known as black comedy. For example when the event of death is shown in a comic way then it is a black comedy. Whole the story of the novel revolves around the hero of the novel Faredoon Janglewalla, Freddy in short, and his mother-in-law Jerbano, who always acts as a problematic figure for him. The novel is about Freddy's efforts to get rid of his mother-in-law and after this about his plans against the insurance company to become a rich man.

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