Maritime Security Challenges in the Indo-Pacific Region

Dr. Braham Parkash


Recently policy makers and various scholars have paid much attention to the emergence of the term Indo-Pacific to describe the changing regional security system in Asia. More accurately this region is re-emerging for historical pattern of commercial, cultural and strategic importance in the changing global scenario. The Indo-Pacific is not a concept framed solely by the rise of India; rather it might be called an Indo-Pacific strategic system. Japan has also become more active and confident as a strategic player internationally, and it can be expected to join the rank of the key Indo-Pacific powers. The central sea lane in the South China Sea attracts China to enter in this region that may be very critical for the peace and stability of this region. Now the question arises whose region is Indo-Pacific and what is the strategic perspective and security structure including natural resources and environmental changes in the Indo-Pacific relations. The present research paper highlights some maritime security challenges in the Indo-Pacific relations in the present global security scenario.  

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