The Relation between Intensity of Running as Exercise and Occurrence of Dysmenorrhea in Teenage Girl in Smpn 2 Jogorogo.

Tiaulfi Gandjari, N. Juni triasuti, Innave Halqisasiana Abdama, Lili Puspadewi


Dysmenorrhea is a pain reaction when menstruation occur, with a cramp feeling and localize in lower abdomen. Dysmenorrhea has many symptoms, from mild until severe. Severity dysmenorrhea related with onset and amount of menstrual blood. Prostaglandin can increase pain intensity when menstruation. The incident of dysmenorrhea increase in woman who unregularly exercising.

The purpose of this study is to know the relation between intensity of running as exercise and occurrence of dysmenorrhea in teenage girl in SMPN 2 Jogorogo.

The method of this study in cross sectional method. The population of this study are 37 teenage girls in SMPN 2 Jogorogo who have occurred menstruation in 2017.  Collection of the data is using total sampling technique and questionnaire. Total of the questionnaire are 13 descriptive questions and 5 checklist questions. Analysis of the data is using Pearson correlation.r

Result: The correlation between the intensity of running sport against dysmenorrhea incidence is -0.221 with significance of 0.251

Summary : Based on the results of data analysis, the more increased intensity of exercise, the more decreased the occurrence of dysmenorrhea

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