Dwt Based Ofdm System for Reliable Ber Performance Using Barcode System in Mobile Devices

G. Chaithnaya Kumar Reddy, S. Farooq Anwar


In wireless communication, mobile devices attains more prominent role in this generation. In today’s world everything can be done through electronic gadgets. 2D barcode is used to hide the data or information given as input and the generated QR code is modulated through DPSK-FFT based OFDM system to securely transfer QR code from one device to other. In the simulation results, the performance of BER is evaluated for different modulation techniques such as PAM, QPSK and DPSK. As the simulation results, shows that the performance of BER is less when compared to previous modulation techniques. The data rate as well as the reliability of proposed scheme yields better performance over traditional state-of-art methods in terms of complexity and efficiency.

In the future scope, Discrete Wavelet Transform is used to improve the transformation performance of the signal. DWT has the ability to transform a signal from one format to other without any data loss. So the generated barcode is transformed without any data loss. Such that the DWT based OFDM yields better BER performance compared to FFT.

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