Reliable Information Access Using Efficient Revocation-Storage Identity-Based Encryption in Cloud Computing

Mounika Neela, A. Anjaiah


Cloud computing provides a flexible and convenient manner for data sharing, which brings numerous benefits for each the society and people. But there exists a natural resistance for customers to at once outsource the shared statistics to the cloud server since the information often contain valuable facts. Thus, it is important to place cryptographically more suitable get right of entry to manage on the shared information. Identity-based totally encryption is a promising cryptographical primitive to build a sensible statistics sharing device. However, access control isn't static. That is, while some user’s authorization is expired, there have to be a mechanism that could dispose of him/her from the gadget. Consequently, the revoked user can't get admission to each the previously and subsequently shared facts. To this end, we propose a belief called Revocable-Storage identification-based encryption (RS-IBE), that could provide the forward/backward protection of ciphertext through introducing the functionalities of person revocation and ciphertext replace simultaneously. Furthermore, we gift a concrete production of RS-IBE, and show its security within the described safety version. The performance comparisons imply that the proposed RS-IBE scheme has blessings in terms of functionality and performance, and as a result is feasible for a sensible and fee-effective statistics-sharing machine. Finally, we offer implementation outcomes of the proposed scheme to illustrate its practicability.

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