Analysis of DSTATCOM for power quality improvement under different loading conditions

B. Ashok, CH. Hari Prasad


The Distribution Static Compensator (DSTATCOM) is most effective device based on Voltage Source Converter (VSC). STATCOM is usually used in transmission system while D-STATCOM is used in distribution system however it’s called as the Distribution Static Compensator (DSTATCOM).D-STATCOM is utilizes power electronics to solve many power quality issues by distributed system. DSTATCOM used to improve the voltage regulation, load balancing, power factor correction and harmonics etc. Distribution static compensator (DSTATCOM) is very popular in compensating the linear, nonlinear, balanced and unbalanced loads. Any change in the load affects the DC-link voltage (DCLV) directly. The proper operation of DSTATCOM requires variation of the DCLV within the prescribed limits. D-STATCOM has 3-phase voltage source converter, capacitor at DC side of inverter is connected with the electrical system at the PCC. The instantaneous controllable3-phase output voltage is generated from DC voltage at fundamental frequency. The pulse is generated by the hysteresis current controller which takes the difference of reference current and actual source current and minimizes the error and controls the current and generates 3-phase output voltage and injects capacitive or inductive current according to the nature of load. The D-STATCOM performance can be analyzed under different loading conditions by using MATLAB /SIMULINK software.


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