Mitigation of Harmonics with Intelligent Controllers Based Multi Converter UPQC

P L V Sai Prasad, J Ravindra


In this paper a Hybrid fuzzy logic controller based multiconverter unified power quality conditioner (MC-UPQC) to enhance the power quality issues mainly in harmonic reduction. This newly designed controller is connected to a source in order to compensate voltage and current in the two feeders. In the proposed configuration, all converters are connected back to back on the dc side and share a common dc-link capacitor. Therefore, power can be transferred from one feeder to adjacent feeders to compensate for sag/swell and interruption. The transient response of the hybrid fuzzy logic controller in dc-link voltage controller will be very fast. The compensation performance analysis of proposed MC-UPQC is compared with PI, Fuzzy and hybrid fuzzy logic controller

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