Microbial Remediation of Tannery Effluent Using Alternaria Brassicae and Its Physico-Chemical Characterization

Kirupa S, Sumithra, P, Benila smily, J. M


Industrial effluents are mainly contains huge amount of pollutants including heavy metals like chromium. In the present study, an attempt was made to isolate chromium resistant fungi from tannery effluent and was identified as Alternaria brassicae CR04. The fungi was studied for the removal of heavy metals from tannery effluent and also observed for the reduction of various pollutant levels. The dead fungal biomass of Alternaria brassicae CR04 was found to reduce the levels of BOD, COD, and other vital parameters affect the water quality. The results obtained revealed the potential of the fungi, Alternaria brassicae CR04, in the bioremediation of industrial effluents containing higher concentration of heavy metals.

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