Advanced power control strategy in grid connected PV systems for constant power generation

S.R.S. Akhila, Y. Manasa


Each solar cell has a voltage-current (V-I) characteristic reflecting its response to both temperature and the incident light level. This is generally achieved using the algorithmic method for continuous maximum power point tracking (MPPT) i.e. the product between Voltage and Current shall be maximum. This can also ensure a fast and smooth transition between maximum power point tracking and Constant Power Generation (CPG). Regardless of the solar irradiance levels, high-performance and stable operation are always achieved by the proposed control strategy. It can regulate the PV output power according to any set-point, and force the PV systems to operate at the left side of the maximum power point without stability problems. The main goal of this paper is to implement the MPPT algorithm in advanced technique like fuzzy logic and determine if the algorithm implemented by fuzzy logic is optimal for controlling MPPT in order to establish the maximum power generated by the PV systems.

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