Production of Biodiesel and Investigation of Prefoemance Parameter of Ci Engine Fuled with Used Mustard Oil Biodiesel

Ajay Gahadwal, Sanjay Kumar Yadaw, Pushp Kumar Singh


Now today as we know that the transport increase sector is increased day by day considered being one of the main reasons for failing to meet eco friendly target. In combination with the emission limits and new standards of emission, the already very low CO2 emission levels have to be further reduced both for spark ignition and diesel engines. Particularly, in Europe the transport sector accounts for more than 30% of the total energy consumption in the Community. It is 98% dependent on fossil fuels with the crude oil feedstock being largely imported and Bio fuel use has to increase from its present low usage – less than 2% of overall fuel to a substantial fraction of the transportation fuel consumption in Europe (target of 25% in 2030). Used Mustard oil biodiesel is suitable as fuel for a diesel engine. Its B20 blend proved potentially suitable for diesel engine. Because BTE, BP is increasing and BSFC is decreasing.Without any modification in the diesel engine it can be directly used in engine.Performance and emission characteristics are better with Mustard oil than diesel. Though there is slight increase in BTE, BP and slight decrease in BSFC but emission are much less than diesel.Use of Biodiesel in diesel engine is suitable only for short term without any modification. For long term tests may reveal clearer picture of engine operation and life.

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