Design and develop the 3D seismic data visualization software based on VTK and QT

Jie Xiong, Chenjing Xia, Shenhan Shi


Seismic exploration is an important method for the oil-gas exploration. The visualization of 3D seismic data can help geophysicists to find the oil-gas resources more effective. In order to develop a visualization software which can run on the Windows and Linux, and rendering the 3D data effectively, we choose the QT framework and Visualization Toolkit (VTK). The source code is managed by the CMake, which helps to migrate the software from Windows to Linux smoothly. We choose the ray casting algorithm to accelerate the 3D volume rendering. The software is developed successfully, and tested. The test result shows the QT framework and VTK can be used to develop a 3D visualization software with the characteristic of cross-platform.

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