Land Use Challenges and Land Resource Management in Malihabad Region, Lucknow

Arvind Singh Yadav, D. C. Pandey


Land for humans has various dimensions and use. Its manifestations are space, as habitat and land in the form of soil itself. Men take birth on the earth/land somewhere, adopt land as a habitat and survive on its produce i.e. food from land. No other resource is important as land in real sense as other resources are related and find meaning because of land. The land use or the utilization of land for cultural activities is as important as land itself. Land decides the site and situation for habitation; and provides circumstances to develop accordingly. Development of the societies is heavily bound to the availability and nature of land to the men for use. Countries with suitable site and situation and with proper land utilizations develop efficiently as compared to the countries lacking such privileges. Sustainability and longevity of human on this planet earth is much more dependent on the appropriate and sustainable use of land. It is of immense magnitude to study the land utilizations of the places to find out the past, and present land use scenario, virtues and lacking of land resource utilization for better planning, management and execution of the such plans virtuously to fulfill the demands of the food and habitat for immensely increasing populations. Present paper is an endeavor to study the land use of Malihabad region in district Lucknow; where land use transformations are at great extent and mango orchards have changed the land use a lot with several positive and negative consequences.

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