Prevention of Black Hole Attack by using AODV for Wide Network

A. Anjaiah, Mounika Neela


AODV is a routing protocol that is designed for MANET and it is using the on-demand method to establish the routes between nodes .The main benefits of this protocol is establishments of desired routes to the destination. When the source node requires and it keeps the routes as long as they are needed . A black hole attack is a common attack that can be accured in AODV protocols. In this kind of attack, the attacker can uses one or more malicious nodes which advertise themselves in the network by setting a zero metric to all the destinations causes all the nodes towards the data packets to these malicious nodes. The AODV is vulnerable against the black hole attacks due to having centric property. Where all the nodes to have share their routing tables for each other. A black hole attack is a severe attack that can be easily employed against routing in mobile ad-hoc networks. A black hole is a malicious node that falsely replies for any route requests without having active route to specified destination and drops all the receiving packets. The Proposed Method PL2 has the modification done in AODV protocol for ensuring the security against the Black hole attack using NS2 Simulation.

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