Attitude of Students towards Research in Higher Studies

Maran Bandhu Majumder, Bijan Sarkar


Research is an organized and systematic study of materials and sources in order to discover and to analyze new things and establish facts and draw new conclusions. It is a systematic process to achieve new knowledge, science or invention by the use standard methods as well as scientific inquiry. The objectives of the paper are to find out the nature of attitude of students towards research in higher studies and the differences of attitude towards research among different strata. Researcher framed four null hypotheses I the present study. Purposive sampling was used for sample selection and 460 undergraduate and postgraduate students were selected as sample for the study through purposive sampling technique. Researcher developed a tool to measure the attitude of students towards research. After collection of data, ‘t’ test was used for testing hypotheses. Out of four hypotheses, two hypotheses were accepted and two were rejected. So, it was found that there existed degree wise and stream wise significant difference and there existed no gender wise and locality wise significant difference among the students with respect to their attitude towards research.

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