Platter as a Platform: Scrutinizing Food Blogs by Women from India.

Remya Krishnan A. V.


Language of food is the language of appetite. One among the basic requirements for human existence, food is to be worshipped and approached with reverence. With the furtherance of internet, preparing an Indian mattar paneer or Mexican tacos is no more a laborious task. Myriads of food blogs are accessible in the online media with detailed recipes and illustrations.  Traversing the boundaries of a hobby, women into food blogging perform a crucial role in creating a network of cybernauts for whom internet is a gateway to knowledge and learning process.  Using the never ending appetite for good food that people share universally, women food bloggers spearhead a culinary revolution that enables them to transcend the geographical demarcations and create a global circle that encompasses flavors and tastes, disregarding the power hierarchies. This paper attempts to re/read food blogs by Indian women who seek to connect with their homeland, with the rest of the world by way of a simple recipe. The role of food blogs in the democratization of food, women’s empowerment and dissemination of knowledge will also be addressed.

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