Optimization of Wick Shape in a Heat Pipe for High Heat Transfer

P. Rakesh Kumar, M. Lava Kumar


Heat pipe is a device and it has high ability to dissipate the heat. In modern days electronic systems generate more heat in the electronic components, to remove that heat from the electronic devices we use heat pipe. Heat pipe plays very important role in cooling of the electronic systems like computers, laptops, cell phones, T.V Circuits, transformers. In this work inside of the heat pipe the wick structure is modified. The copper fins are fitted to the wick structure in the inside of the heat pipe. The length of the heat pipe is divided into the three sections evaporator section, adiabatic section and condenser section. The heater is fitted in the evaporator section and power is supplying to the heater. The thermocouple wires are attached in the different sections of the heat pipe.Working fluids are used in this work is water and nano fluid (Al2O3). First we use working fluid as water and we take temperature readings at different sections after that we use nano fluid as working fluid and we take temperature readings at different sections. After completion of taking the temperature readings, we calculate the heat transfer rates for both working fluids for water and nano fluid. And then comparison of the heat transfer rates of the working fluids water and nanofluid.  By using the nano fluid as working fluid in the heat pipe the heat transfer rates are increased.

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