A Novel PAPR Reduction Technique by SUI Modeling for DHT Based ACO-OFDM

U. Ashok Kumar, S. Siva Reddy


       In this work we first developed a system for optical wireless communication to get the better results compared to existing state of art techniques with the use of DHT based ACO-OFDM method. As OFDM comes under the development of all recent techniques under LTE. But, this OFDM is having numerous applications and advantages. The main drawback of OFDM is PAPR (peak to average power ratio), which is nothing but non-linear distortions present in system before transmission. SUI modeling for DHT based PAPR reduction using DHT-spreading techniques is proposed in this work which yields better results than DHT based PAPR reduction existing state of art techniques effective equalization and better transmission performance are the main reason behind proposed work and achieved low PAPR over traditional state of art PAPR reduction techniques. Proposed work with SUI modeling will give us better results compared to state of art existing technique.

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