Analysis and Optimization of Retention Force of a Needle Roller Bearing Using Taguchi Experiment.

Sajjad Shaikh


This paper reviews the various needle roller bearing parameters affecting the effectiveness of retention force. The detailed structure includes in the model, are three parameters such as needle diameter, clearance and thickness of retainer. We analysed the effect of this three parameters on retention force of needle roller bearing .The detailed mathematical model is simulated by Minitab17 and simulation results fit experiment data very well this shows that the model can be used to forecast the performance of needle roller bearing when design  In this analysis, an effective approach based on Taguchi method, analysis of variance , linear regression , has been developed to determine the optimum conditions leading to higher Retention Force . Experiments were conducted by varying needle diameter, pocket clearance (Clearance = Needle diameter – Retainer Pocket size) retainer thickness using L9 orthogonal array of Taguchi method. The present work aims at optimizing Retention Force process parameters to achieve high Retention Force. It concludes that needle diameter and clearance is most influencing parameter followed by on Retention Force.

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