Load-Deflection Characteristics of High Performance Light Weight Concrete

vempatapu Rama Divya, dr. D. Venkateswarlu, Divya Anusha Naidu


High Performance Lightweight Concrete (HPLWC) could be considered as a combination of high performance concrete and structural lightweight concrete. HPLC was produced by partially replacing cement in concrete with mineral admixtures and partially replacing light weight aggregates with coarse aggregates. The usage of mineral admixtures leads to the saving of cost, energy and resources conservation. In the present work HPLWC was produced by two ways. One was using air entraining agent and the other was using light weight aggregate (expanded clay). In the former case, air entraining agent was added as additive in different percentages and in the later case the coarse aggregate was partially replaced with different percentages of expanded clay as light weight aggregate. In both the mixes, cement was replaced partially with ground granulated blast furnace slag (GGBFS) and Metakaolin (MK) in two different percentages. In total there were eight different combinations of mixes were studied at three different ages of concrete namely 7, 14 and 28 days of concrete. The optimum mix is selected from the 7, 14, 28-days age compressive strengths of different mixes. The beams cast for control and obtained optimum mix were tested to determine the Load – Deflection characteristics and peak load, first crack load  were observed. The obtained results are compared with the control mix. . From the results obtained the decrement of compressive strength of 13% and 26% for mix containing AER and LWA respectively. Whereas the constant Load-Deflection characteristics, Peak load in bending and moment curvature has been observe

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