Seismic Evaluation of a Highrise Building with and Without Infill Walls

Kurapati Durga Prashanth Reddy, N. Srinivasa Rao


Infill wall is the generic name given to a panel that is built in between the floors of the primary structural frame of a building and provides support for the cladding system. Now a days infill wall is considered to be non-load bearing member. In the design and assessment of building, the infill walls are usually treated as nonstructural Element and they are ignored in analytical models because they are assumed to be non-beneficial to the structural response. By increasing the strength and stiffness of the frame, infill wall actually lead to greater seismic force which is due their stiffening effect on the whole structure. The present Objective this work is to compare the behavior of RCC Building with and without Masonry infill walls in different positions. The parametric Studies comparison  of Maximum  Story Displacement,  Maximum  Story Drift generated in Normal Building and Masonry infill wall buildings Using Response Spectrum Analysis in ETABS Software.

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