A Review on Security Concern with Trusty Supporting Reputation-based Management for Cloud Services

G. Vinay Kamal, M. Ashok Kumar, B. Suresh


cloud computing is gaining a considerable momentum as a new computing paradigm for providing flexible services, platforms, and infrastructures on demand. In cloud services make the trust management in cloud environments a significant challenge. According to researchers at Berkeley, trust and security is ranked one of the top 10 obstacles for the adoption of cloud computing. Cloud computing(CC)helps IT companies to focus on their business or strategic projects rather than technical aspects. Mainly three service model are offered by cloud which are Infrastructure as a service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a service (SaaS). At SaaS level applications are hosted by providers on network, these services are used by customers over internet on demand basis. A web browser is used to access different software’s from the cloud providers. A user need not to install software on his machine, only an instance of software is needed. For example Google Apps, SQL Azure. In PaaS model as name implies it gives platform to build various applications. Various facilities offered by PaaS to deploy applications include application designing, development, testing and hosting. In the process one of the most challenging issues for the adoption and growth of cloud computing. For improvements in the classical work is enhanced using simulated annealing that is very effective and making use of metallurgy based implementations. In metallurgy, the temperature factor is taken for the forging and development of metal components. The freezing point is achieved in a loop of down level temperature. In this work, the simulated annealing based implementation is used with the integrated with dynamic security key for enhanced security trust architecture. The proposed META (Metaheuristic Enhanced Trust Assessment) architecture is giving effective results in terms of turnaround time, security factor, cost, complexity and trust value.

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