Seismic Study of Selfsupporting Telecommunication Tower Mounted On Roof Top

Aditya Sharma, Arpit Chawda


The availability of land in urban areas is extremely limited for satisfying the ideal installation of tower thus giving no alternative but to adopt roof top towers.  The location of these towers is specified in terms of latitude and longitude with height of mounted antenna dictated by functional requirements of the network. The analysis has been performed on the tower located on roof of the existing structure by varying position of tower and analyzing the displacement at various heights of existing structure and tower.

As tower plays a significant role for wireless communication network, the failure of such structure in a disaster is a major concern therefore utmost important has been given considering the effect of wind & the seismic effect acting on the tower and existing structure . The seismic effect has been done for different seismic zone IV. The analysis is also done at different properties of soil (soft soil, hard soil & medium soil), and it is observed that the displacement is different at various height of structure and telecommunication


tower and different position of telecommunication tower i.e. the deflection is greater at tower and minimum at building. The results obtained from the above analysis are tabulated, compared and conclusions is drawn that displacement is minimum when the position of tower is at the centre of existing structure .

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