Implementation of BESS on Micro grids for Isolated Modular Multilevel High Step-Up/Down DC-DC Converter fed Induction motor drive

T.L.D.N.V.V.L. Spandana, B. R. Narendra


In this project Battery Energy Storage System is implemented for microgrid for Isolated Modular Multilevel High Step-Up/Down DC-DC Converter with Induction motor drive. Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) is used for primary frequency regulation. As developments in batteries progress, advancement in applications of BESS including the implementation in high power penetration is expected. Load shedding is one of frequency control methods during stand-alone operation, and the performance of frequency control improves in combination with BESS.A modular multilevel structure is adopted as switching valves to sustain medium voltages to achieve modular design and high reliability. Only one high-frequency transformer is used in the proposed converter, which significantly simplifies the circuit and galvanic insulation design. The efficiency of a modular converter to share the voltage and current among its modules for a given power rating. A drive system is typically composed of three components: a dc-dc converter that converts low dc voltages to a required high dc voltage, an inverter that converts the high dc voltage to a single- or three-phase ac voltage a digital controller that controls the converter inverter operation. A transformer is used to both isolate the converter and to further increase the step-up/down ratio. The system performance can be analyzed by using MATLAB/SIMULINK software.

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