Optimisation of Process Plan for Support Component of a Dynamic Air Frame in a Missile by Designing a Fixture

Thota Anil, S. Mohan Kumar, G Srikanth Reddy


A missile is a self-propelled guided weapon system. There are five system components in missiles. They are:

  1. 1.       Targeting and/or guidance
  2. 2.       flight system
  3. 3.       engine
  4. 4.       air frame
  5. 5.       Warhead.

Bulk Head of missile was holded by a thin walled component called support head bulk. Machining is to be done inside and outside of the component. To machine the component a fixture is required. The fixture should be special to hold the component rigidly during machining. The component is clamped at top for              CNC machining. The component should have dimensional accuracy. To get dimensional accuracy, 4-axis turning machine is used to develop the component. By using 4-axis turning machine, the cost and work of the labour is reduced.

This project is aimed to predict the stable speed range for machining thin-ribbed bulk head support structure with minimum deflection and high surface finish.  This project is aimed at optimizing the manufacturing process of the support bulk head. Two different process plans along with NC programs shall be developed to decrease number of setups, which reduces machining time and the unit cost of the component. The 3D model of Support bulk head shall be modeled in NX-CAD. NX-CAM software shall be used to generate the NC program of Support bulk head.

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