Process Optimization of Electronic Component by Using Nx-Cam Software

H Pavan Kumar, G. Srikanth Reddy, B Nageshwara Rao


The paper presents the process plan techniques for the turn mill machine. The turn mill machine is the CNC machine which allows both milling and turning operations to process in the single setup of the component. Due to above aspects, both the machining cost and time taken for machining is reduces.

This paper deals with turn mill operations of complex electronic component. The component has much number of operations to be performed.The component has both milling and turning operations to be performed. The component is being machined by 42 tools; it is very difficult to load 42 tools in 3 axes and 4 axes machines.Dimensions are also highly critical and complex.

This paper involves optimization of the turn mill processes or operations in order to good surface finish and to get less machining time. To optimize the turn mill process plan, CAD & CAM systems are used.

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