Design of Fixture to Optimise Process Plan of Aerospace Component

G Sunil Reddy, S. Mohan Kumar, B Nageshwara Rao


Missile shield is aero space component protects the missile by covering the entire body. Designing and process planning of aerospace component are studied in detail. Missile shield is aero space component it requires accurate machining and high finishing and it is typical to manufacture in 3-axis machines and it is highly impossible using 3-jaw chuck or machine vice for holding aerospace component rigidly. To manufacture aerospace component as per requirement with accurate dimension it demands a fixture to design considering the part holding points. It requires a designed fixture and clamping to hold the part rigidly. If part is fixed rigidly easily we can obtain smooth surfaces on part. 

The main aim of this project is to optimize process plan and creating 3D model using Unigraphics software. Generating NC program of aerospace component using NX-CAM software which is exclusively CAM software used to generate part program by feeding the geometry of the component and defining the proper tool path and thus transferring the generated part program to the required CNC machine with the help of DNC lines. The operator thus executes the program with suitable requirements. The project deals with optimizing process plan by specifying appropriate tools, developing tools design if demanded.

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